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and to think i saw it on floyd terrace

Tim Martin's Sonnet Project

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Donkey Lovin’

for Lyons

pitched eyes texted in blond perfect
vision of a shifted southern driver made
an ass of me on one evening of wet dreams
at the stroke of seven lucky waitresses
who garnish the wine goblets of heroes
here i am beside the fence and a sand pit
for a-ha revelations of brazilian records
out of compass that sidles up to our character
in tremors of never circling crowds
runs in the climbing youth who wants
in to green comparisons of west commences
hits on the memory that this business lies
in the laughter that surprises our honesty
translated blessings under this rehearsal

Sunday, July 19, 2009

For the Filipino Wearing a Thriller Jacket at Market Street East

summer is a selfsame spark of teenagedness
pepsi accident running one minute late anew
it is old gossip we have in common
that recession proves nothing is worth safety
in defense of high fructose corn syrup
when they speak of iraq in new jersey
they reveal david copperfield’s fiancé
messed up with babies doomed
to repeat the serial crimes of their children
real thug, on the corner waiting for eagles
while brazilian barbecue wafts through dover
on highways with renegade television motorcycles
to prophesize there aint no butter in heaven
to loosen our birthday wishes for a world of wonder